Joe Petrauskas Biography

Joseph Ian Petrauskas, born in Poole on 31st October 2003 grew up in Bournemouth and then at the age of 4, moved to Milborne Port in Somerset, where he learned to play drums; competing in his primary school talent show and playing in church on a Sunday.
Five years later, Joe moved back to Bournemouth where he attended Parley First School, which was where he first picked up a guitar. Through the next few years of his life, Joe played in Church on Sundays, school shows, talent shows, and immersed himself in music.
At the age of 14, Joe started playing at open mic nights around Dorset, where he was noticed by people such as Chris Collins, who gave Joe his first gig, playing as the opening act at an acoustic rock night at the Madding Crowd in Bournemouth Town Centre.
From there Joe went on to play at more open mics, and gained more gigs at venues such as the Ship Inn, Wool and The  Overcliffe Hotel, Bournemouth.

When he turned 16, Joe decided to take his music to another level and write his first single and signed with Ditto Music, releasing 'Love or Hate' on 1st November, the day after his 16th birthday.
Joe had discovered his passion, and decided shortly after that he was going to release his first EP; So on 11th December 2019, Joe released his 3-track EP, 'All For You', dedicated to his girlfriend, Rachael.

Early March of 2020, when Covid-19 started kicking in, Joe released a single called 'Take The Lead' about his faith. This gained a larger popularity and helped him to grow.


Then shortly after this, during Covid-19 lockdown, he released his debut album 'Expedition Of Love'. The album had 2 main themes, which were love and motivation. Songs like 'Don't Give Up Now' were written to motivate people struggling with mental health. Then songs like 'Marry Me' were written to show his passion and love for his girlfriend, Rachael.

Joe continues to perform live, and is working on new releases already! Watch this space for more!


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